1-xGe x 基区异质结双极晶体管(HBT)的直流、频率和噪声等特性,但"能带工程"对HBT热学特性的影响的研究还很少。本文基于三维热电反馈模型,分析了"能带工程"对射频功率SiGe HBT热性能的影响。考虑到电流增益随温度的变化以及发射结电压负温度系数,给出了器件热稳定所需最小镇流电阻(REmin)的表达式,在此基础上给出了非均匀镇流电阻的设计,进一步提高了SiGe HBT的热稳定性"/>         REmin), which is necessary for SiGe HBT thermal stability, is presented. Furthermore, non-uniform ballasting resistance design is given so as to further enhance the thermal stability of device. It is found that the surface temperature of the device decreases with the increase of Ge composition in SiGe base. This is because SiGe HBT internally possesses the thermal-electrical negative feedback. For the same dissipated power, the REmin decreases as Ge composition increases, which is beneficial to the improvment of the performance of radio frequancy(RF) power SiGe HBT. These results provide a good guide to further optimization of RF power SiGe HBT performance, especially thermal design."/>     能带工程对射频功率SiGe异质结双极晶体管热性能的改善
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物理学报  2011, Vol. 60 Issue (4): 044402
电磁学、光学、声学、传热学、经典力学和流体动力学 当期目录| 下期目录| 过刊浏览| 高级检索     
肖盈, 张万荣, 金冬月, 陈亮, 王任卿, 谢红云
北京工业大学电子信息与控制工程学院,北京 100124
Effect of bandgap engineering on thermal characteristic of radiofrequency power SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistor
Xiao Ying, Zhang Wan-Rong, Jin Dong-Yue, Chen Liang, Wang Ren-Qing, Xie Hong-Yun
College of Electronic and Control Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124, China

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