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Other articles related with "42.87.-d":
184211 Sheng Zi-Cheng, Wang Teng, Zhou Gui-Yao, Xia Chang-Ming, Liu Jian-Tao, Li Bo-Yao, Fan Hai-Xia, Chen Yun, Hou Zhi-Yun
  Raman probe based on hollow-core microstructured fiber
    Acta Physica Sinica   2018 Vol.67 (18): 184211-184211 [Abstract] (167) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1833 KB] (78)
220204 Shan Chang-Gong, Wang Wei, Liu Cheng, Xu Xing-Wei, Sun You-Wen, Tian Yuan, Liu Wen-Qing
  Detection of stable isotopic ratio of atmospheric CO2 based on Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
    Acta Physica Sinica   2017 Vol.66 (22): 220204-220204 [Abstract] (374) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 979 KB] (214)
140704 Sun You-Wen, Liu Wen-Qing, Wang Shi-Mei, Huang Shu-Hua, Zeng Yi, Xie Pin-Hua, Chen Jun, Wang Ya-Ping, Si Fu-Qi
  Measurement of a gas using none dispersive infrared technique with two analysis channels
    Acta Physica Sinica   2012 Vol.61 (14): 140704-140704 [Abstract] (1729) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 703 KB] (888)
140705 Sun You-Wen, Liu Wen-Qing, Xie Pin-Hua, Chan Ka-Lok, Zeng Yi, Xu Jin, Li Ang, Si Fu-Qi, Li Xian-Xin
  Measurement of atmospheric water vapor using infrared differential optical absorption spectroscopy
    Acta Physica Sinica   2012 Vol.61 (14): 140705-140705 [Abstract] (2164) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 799 KB] (713)
134402 Zhu Li-Dan, Sun Fang-Yuan, Zhu Jie, Tang Da-Wei
  Study on ultra fast nonequilibrium heat transfers in nano metal films by femtosecond laser pump and probe method
    Acta Physica Sinica   2012 Vol.61 (13): 134402-134402 [Abstract] (1975) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1291 KB] (762)
34214 Zhang Liang, Liu Jian-Guo, Kan Rui-Feng, Liu Wen-Qing, Zhang Yu-Jun, Xu Zhen-Yu, Chen Jun
  On the methodology of measuring high-speed flows using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy
    Acta Physica Sinica   2012 Vol.61 (3): 34214-034214 [Abstract] (1633) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 984 KB] (1111)
39501 Liu Zheng, Wang Sheng-Qian, Rao Chang-Hui
  Analysis of an Co-phasing detecting method based on far-field images of sparse-optical-synthetic-aperture system
    Acta Physica Sinica   2012 Vol.61 (3): 39501-039501 [Abstract] (1359) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 824 KB] (669)
8280 Bai Fu-Zhong, Rao Chang-Hui
  Effect of pinhole diameter on correction accuracy of closed-loop adaptive optics system using self-referencing interferometer wavefront sensor
    Acta Physica Sinica   2010 Vol.59 (11): 8280-8286 [Abstract] (3587) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1518 KB] (781)
6284 Le Zi-Chun, Zhang Ming, Dong Wen, Quan Bi-Sheng, Liu Wei, Liu Kai
  Study on the focusing performance of the compound X-ray refractive lenses with fabrication errors
    Acta Physica Sinica   2010 Vol.59 (9): 6284-6289 [Abstract] (3602) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 1299 KB] (772)
5904 Zhang Yan-Yan, Rao Chang-Hui, Li Mei, Ma Xiao-Yu
  The detection error analysis of Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor based on electron multiplying charge-coupled devices
    Acta Physica Sinica   2010 Vol.59 (8): 5904-5913 [Abstract] (3929) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 100 KB] (1147)
4677 Huang Jin, Jiang Xiao-Dong, Liu Hong-Jie, Lü Hai-Bing, Wang Hai-Jun, Yuan Xiao-Dong, Zheng Wan-Guo
  Influence of ultraviolet pulse laser irradiation on fused silica anti-damage ability in high vacuum environment
    Acta Physica Sinica   2010 Vol.59 (7): 4677-4681 [Abstract] (2647) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 686 KB] (915)
8352 Wang Ze-Feng, Hu Yong-Ming, Meng Zhou, Luo Hong, Ni Ming
  Mechanical anti-aliasing acoustic low-pass filtering fiber-optic hydrophones with side cavities
    Acta Physica Sinica   2009 Vol.58 (12): 8352-8356 [Abstract] (4017) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 185 KB] (1124)
5473 Li Yan-Chao, Zhang Liang, Yang Yan-Ling, Gao Long, Xu Bo, Wang Chun-Hui
  The method for multi-beam laser heterodyne high-precision measurement of the glass thickness
    Acta Physica Sinica   2009 Vol.58 (8): 5473-5478 [Abstract] (2405) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 233 KB] (1594)
3988 Zhang Jin-Long, Yu Chong-Xiu, Wang Kui-Ru, Zhao De-Xin, Lin Mei-Mei, Li Cheng
  Fiber grating sensor demodulation method based on polarization interference
    Acta Physica Sinica   2009 Vol.58 (6): 3988-3995 [Abstract] (2970) [HTML 0 KB] [PDF 412 KB] (1151)
10701 Sun You-Wen, Liu Wen-Qing, Xie Pin-Hua, Fang Wu, Zeng Yi, Si Fu-Qi, Li Xian-Xin, Zhan Kai
  Measurement of industrial gas pollutant emissions using differential optical absorption spectroscopy
    Acta Physica Sinica   2013 Vol.62 (1): 10701-010701 [Abstract] (997) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 2306 KB] (770)
46801 Wu Wen-Zhi, Gao Lai-Xu, Kong De-Gui, Gao Yang, Ran Ling-Ling, Chai Zhi-Jun
  Thermal effect of translucent gold nanofilm based on transient reflection/transmission technique
    Acta Physica Sinica   2016 Vol.65 (4): 46801-046801 [Abstract] (486) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 850 KB] (117)
57801 Hua Shi-Qun, Luo Yin
  Measurement of refractive index of luminescent photoelastic coating
    Acta Physica Sinica   2013 Vol.62 (5): 57801-057801 [Abstract] (1066) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1517 KB] (805)
70704 Tian Yuan, Sun You-Wen, Xie Pin-Hua, Liu Cheng, Liu Wen-Qing, Liu Jian-Guo, Li Ang, Hu Ren-Zhi, Wang Wei, Zeng Yi
  Observation of ambient CH4 variations using ground-based high resolution Fourier transform solar spectrometry
    Acta Physica Sinica   2015 Vol.64 (7): 70704-070704 [Abstract] (438) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 764 KB] (246)
74204 Duan Ya-Xuan, Liu Shang-Kuo, Chen Yong-Quan, Xue Xun, Zhao Jian-Ke, Gao Li-Min
  A method to measure the modulation transfer function of Bayer filter color camera
    Acta Physica Sinica   2017 Vol.66 (7): 74204-074204 [Abstract] (346) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 804 KB] (371)
74206 Bi Wei-Hong, Chen Jun-Gang, Zhang Sheng, Yu Teng-Fei, Zhang Yan-Jun, Hou Xu-Tao
  Study on the influence factors of the concentration of heavy metals by spectrophotometry
    Acta Physica Sinica   2017 Vol.66 (7): 74206-074206 [Abstract] (239) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 461 KB] (204)
84201 Zhang Tian-Tian, Yi Shi-He, Zhu Yang-Zhu, He Lin
  Reconstruction and calibration on aero-optical wavefront aberration based on Background oriented schlieren based wavefront sensing
    Acta Physica Sinica   2015 Vol.64 (8): 84201-084201 [Abstract] (599) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1443 KB] (207)
84208 Zhou Ji-De, Chang Jun, Niu Ya-Jun, Xie Gui-Juan, Wang Xi
  Novel multiple field of view detection method for the off-axis reflection zoom optical system
    Acta Physica Sinica   2016 Vol.65 (8): 84208-084208 [Abstract] (481) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 587 KB] (148)
94218 Sun Du-Juan, Hu Yi-Hua, Gu You-Lin, Wang Yong, Li Le
  Determination and model construction of microbes' complex refractive index in far infrared band
    Acta Physica Sinica   2013 Vol.62 (9): 94218-094218 [Abstract] (793) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 631 KB] (660)
107802 Liu Jun, Zhang Tian-En, Zhang Wei, Lei Long-Hai, Xue Chen-Yang, Zhang Wen-Dong, Tang Jun
  Design and optimization of integrated micro optical gyroscope based on a planar ring resonator
    Acta Physica Sinica   2015 Vol.64 (10): 107802-107802 [Abstract] (923) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 904 KB] (4244)
114206 Li Zhao-Hui, Zhao Jian-Ke, Xu Liang, Liu Feng, Guo Yi, Liu Kai, Zhao Qing
  Analysis and calibration of precision for point source transmittance system
    Acta Physica Sinica   2016 Vol.65 (11): 114206-114206 [Abstract] (504) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 492 KB] (178)
130601 Tang Yuan-He, Cui Jin, Gao Hai-Yang, Qu Ou-Yang, Duan Xiao-Dong, Li Cun-Xia, Liu Li-Na
  Calibrations of ground based airglow imaging interferometer for the upper atmospheric wind field measurement
    Acta Physica Sinica   2017 Vol.66 (13): 130601-130601 [Abstract] (203) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 982 KB] (163)
130703 Sun You-Wen, Xie Pin-Hua, Xu Jin, Zhou Hai-Jin, Liu Cheng, Wang Yang, Liu Wen-Qing, Si Fu-Qi, Zeng Yi
  Measurement of atmospheric CO2 vertical column density using weighting function modified differential optical absorption spectroscopy
    Acta Physica Sinica   2013 Vol.62 (13): 130703-130703 [Abstract] (675) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 1802 KB] (1042)
149501 Yan Zhao-Jun, Chen Xin-Yang, Yang Peng-Qian, Zhou Dan, Zheng Li-Xin, Zhu Neng-Hong
  Co-phasing detecting method based on grating dispersed fringe for Fizeau optical interferometric telescope
    Acta Physica Sinica   2015 Vol.64 (14): 149501-149501 [Abstract] (451) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 585 KB] (186)
174210 Li Bei-Bei, Zhang Hong-Chao, Han Bing, Chen Jun, Ni Xiao-Wu, Lu Jian
  Investigation of the collapse of laser-induced bubble near a cone boundary
    Acta Physica Sinica   2012 Vol.61 (17): 174210-174210 [Abstract] (1165) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 5828 KB] (570)
184206 Li Ke-Wu, Wang Zhi-Bin, Chen You-Hua, Yang Chang-Qing, Zhang Rui
  High sensitive measurement of optical rotation based on photo-elastic modulation
    Acta Physica Sinica   2015 Vol.64 (18): 184206-184206 [Abstract] (485) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 437 KB] (129)
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