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A method to strengthen and toughen Sapphire by codoping of Fe/Ti ions

Hu Ke-Yan Xu Jun Tang Hui-Li Li Hong-Jun Zou Yu-Qi Su Liang-Bi Chen Wei-Chao Yu Hai-Ou Yang Qiu-Hong

A method to strengthen and toughen Sapphire by codoping of Fe/Ti ions

Hu Ke-Yan, Xu Jun, Tang Hui-Li, Li Hong-Jun, Zou Yu-Qi, Su Liang-Bi, Chen Wei-Chao, Yu Hai-Ou, Yang Qiu-Hong
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  • Received Date:  08 March 2012
  • Accepted Date:  05 November 2012
  • Published Online:  20 March 2013

A method to strengthen and toughen Sapphire by codoping of Fe/Ti ions

  • 1. Department of Electronic Information Materials, Shanghai University, Shanghai 201800, China;
  • 2. Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 201800, China
Fund Project:  Project supported by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, China (Grant No. 10ZR1434200) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61177037).

Abstract: Mechanical properties of titanium and iron co-doped Sapphire crystal are first studied at room temperature Large (ø180 × 280 mm3 in dimension 30 kg in weight) titanium and iron codoped sapphire single crystal is grown by the Kyropoulos technique It is shown that the fracture strength and surface hardness and fracture toughness of as-grown crystals are significantly improved and the visible-infrared optical property is not adversely affected by titanium and iron codoping and certain heat treatment. The Fe3+ in the doped Fe2O3 palys a role of substituting Al3+, leading to an in creased internal stress in the crystal. And the Ti4+ in the doped TiO2 crystallizes the second phase needle crystal and brings in a toughening effect through certain heat treatment. As a consequence, the mechanical properties of as-grown sapphire are improved at room temperature. The present work has the realistic significance for developing the sapphires of excellent mechanical properties.

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