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Coherent perfect absorption and transmission of a generalized three-mode cavity optico-mechanical system

Zhang Yong-Tang

Coherent perfect absorption and transmission of a generalized three-mode cavity optico-mechanical system

Zhang Yong-Tang
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  • Received Date:  14 December 2016
  • Accepted Date:  01 March 2017
  • Published Online:  05 May 2017

Coherent perfect absorption and transmission of a generalized three-mode cavity optico-mechanical system

    Corresponding author: Zhang Yong-Tang,
  • 1. Department of Computer Science and Technology, Guangdong Neusoft Institute, Foshan 528225, China
Fund Project:  Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 61363047), the Science and Technology Innovation Project of Jiangxi, China (Grant No. 2014GJJ12255), and the Science and Technology Innovation Project of Foshan, China (Grant No. 2016AG100382).

Abstract: With the rapid development of nano-physics and quantum optics, optico-mechanical coupling system is developing toward the miniaturization and lightweight. The physical characteristics of optical cavity and applications of optic-mechanical devices have received much attention. In this paper, a generalized three-mode cavity optico-mechanical system is presented, the steady-state responses of the system to the characteristics of weak detection of light absorption and dispersion in several different coherent driving modes are studied. Situated in the middle of system is a portable total reflection mechanical oscillator with a reflectance of 100%, and located on each side is a fixed optical cavity mirror with partial transmittance, Three-mode cavity optical mechanical system consists of fixed-mirror, removable-vibrator, fixed-mirror structure. in which the two optical cavities are coupled by coupling a stronger control field and weak probe light with the same mechanical oscillator. Analysis and numerical results show that under the mechanism with different parameters, due to nonlinear effect of pressure, in the three-mode cavity optical mechanical system, there appear some interesting quantum coherent phenomena such as coherent perfect absorption, coherent perfect transmission and coherent perfect synthesis. When coherent perfect absorption occurs, the mutual conversion between input signal power full-field energies and oscillator vibration of internal coherence can be realized, and the law of conservation of energy is satisfied. When relaxation rate due to mechanical oscillator is very small, the coherent perfect transmission is completely transmitted from the system side of the input field to the other side in the case of no loss of energy. And mechanical relaxation rate of the oscillator approaches to zero in the middle, which can ensure that the perfect transmission of the detection field takes place on one side, and the field total reflection and coherent perfect synthesis happen on the other side of. In addition, we alsofind that the adjustment of coupling between cavity and cavity can change the intensity of the probe field of quantum coherent control thereby realizing that the output of the detection field is transformed between coherent perfect absorption and coherence transmission; through simple phase modulation the output direction and input direction of detection field for left cavity-right cavity can swap mutually. So, these dynamic controls in quantum information networks can be used to construct some optical devices with special functions, such as photon switch, photo router, photon exchange machine, etc.

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