3m) without the secondary crystalline phase. The Mn ions take the Sn sites which is revealed by the XRD, diffusion reflectance spectrum (DRS) and Raman scattering. With the increase of doping level x, the optical absorption edge shifts towards higher wavelength and is smoothened gradually, meanwhile the Raman spectrum shows that Raman mode is also changed. The photoluminescence spectrum under magnetic field shows that near-infrared luminescence is probably related to Sn ions. The magnetization measurement demonstrates that Mn-doped BaSnO3 system exhibits ferromagnetism at low temperature, which can be explained by the F-center exchange (FCE) mechanism.

"/>     Mn掺杂对BaSn<sub>1-<em>x</em></sub>Mn<sub><em>x</em></sub>O<sub>3</sub>体系结构、光学和磁学性质的影响
引用检索 快速检索
物理学报  2013, Vol. 62 Issue (2): 027101     doi:10.7498/aps.62.027101
凝聚物质:电子结构、电学、磁学和光学性质 当期目录| 过刊浏览| 高级检索     
张朋1 2, 刘亲壮1, 苏付海2, 刘强春1 2, 刘哲2, 宋文海2, 戴建明2
1. 淮北师范大学物理与电子信息学院, 淮北 235000;
2. 中国科学院固体物理研究所, 材料物理重点实验室, 合肥 230031
Mn-doping effects on structural, optical and magnetic properties of BaSn1-xMnxO3
Zhang Peng1 2, Liu Qin-Zhuang1, Su Fu-Hai2, Liu Qiang-Chun1 2, Liu Zhe2, Song Wen-Hai2, Dai Jian-Ming2
1. School of Physics and Electronic Information,Huaibei Normal University,Huaibei 235000, China;
2. Key Laboratory of Materials Physics,Institute of Solid State Physics,CA Sciences,Hefei 230031, China

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