d/a<0.1)时,无需重新设计慢波结构的参数,只需适当调整工作电压和电流就可以满足原有设计要求,而且和未加载时相比增益特性更为平坦,降低的电子注阻抗也有利于电子效率的提高.考虑到"/>         εr=1, the dispersion relation can be simplified with a closed form of the conventional Pierce’s small-signal equation, which confirms the validity of the derivations. By giving the specific parameters, the effects of dielectric loading on the small-signal gain have been studied. The results indicated that in the case of "weak loading" (where d/a<0.1), the gain is flattened and there is no need to readjust the structure parameters beyond a slight adjustment of beam parameters. By considering that the "weak loading" can reduce the ohmic loss of the conductor, this study will be also a guide to the research of the THz folded waveguide traveling-wave tube."/>     介质加载折叠波导行波管的线性分析
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物理学报  2010, Vol. 59 Issue (9): 6653-6658
凝聚物质:电子结构、电学、磁学和光学性质 当期目录| 下期目录| 过刊浏览| 高级检索     
张长青, 宫玉彬, 魏彦玉, 王文祥
电子科技大学物理电子学院,大功率微波电真空器件技术国防重点实验室,成都 610054
Linear analysis of the dielectric-loaded folded waveguide traveling-wave tube amplifier
Zhang Chang-Qing, Gong Yu-Bin, Wei Yan-Yu, Wang Wen-Xiang
National Key Laboratory of High Power Vacuum Electronics, School of Physical Electronics, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 610054, China

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